Journals & Newspapers

  • I would be delighted to create crosswords for your journal or newspaper.

    As the crossword editor of the journal of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) I have experience in writing clues to suit particular audiences.

    I also set the cryptic crossword for The Fountain, the in-house magazine of Trinity College, Cambridge,  See the inside back page of Issue 24 at for an example.

    I’ve also been published several times in The Times in their Listener series of crosswords, the ‘i’ newspaper’s Inquisitor crossword and the Sunday Telegraph’s Enigmatic Variations.

    I can provide crossword puzzles with either cryptic clues, straight clues, or both. I also create Number puzzles and have been published in the prestigious Magpie magazine.

    So if you want a puzzle themed on your journal’s subject matter then e-mail me and I am sure I’ll be able to help!