Gift Testimonials

Much of my motivation for writing personalised puzzles comes from the delightful feedback I get from my customers.  Here are just some examples of what they say:

Feedback on crossword for my Mum’s Birthday present (Mar 2020)

Received with great thanks and joy.  It’s fantastic. I can’t wait for her to receive it.

This is fantastic. Congratulations! You will be a big hit in our (wider) family.

Ray (March 2020)

Feedback on crossword for a friend’s 50th (Feb 2020)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Oh Tim, thank you for being so lovely. This has been such a fantastic exchange that we’ve had. I cannot believe we haven’t even spoken! Sign of the times.
Thank you so, so much. We love it!!!!!
Julie (Feb 2020)

Feedback on crossword for a daughter’s Birthday (Jan 2020)

Dear Tim
Thank you so much – all received and printed out perfectly!
I definitely will share feedback with you once Grace has had the chance to solve the crossword – we have a party this weekend for her birthday with her friends and my intention is to present her with the framed crossword, then to have printed copies and try and get all her friends to solve it too!
It has been a great pleasure corresponding with you on this, and I will definitely recommend you to friends in future – thank you so much for your hard work on Grace’s crossword.
Very best wishes
Victoria (Jan 2020)

Feedback on crossword for his Wife’s Christmas present (Nov 2019)

Dear Tim

Three PDFs safely received, thank you. I’m very happy with the end result – and yes, it’s been great fun for me too!

Best wishes, Peter (Nov 2019)

Feedback on crossword for my Mother-in-law’s Christmas present (Dec 2019)

Wonderful, thanks so much!
All received safely. Just to wrap now!
Merry Christmas to you too.
Thanks , Clio

Feedback on crossword for Parents’ 50th anniversary (July 2019)

Dear Tim,

You really are a wonder. Thank you. All received safely, just what I was expecting, and I am SO pleased with the result. You made it a very simple and enjoyable process. I know they will love it but I will, of course, share their feedback with you after the grand presentation in early October. And I think it just has to be a golden frame!

I won’t hesitate to recommend you and to spread the word.

Thank you so much.

With all good wishes,

Jo (July 2019)

Feedback on crosswords for my Wife’s and my Mum’s Birthday presents (Apr 2019)

Thanks for your help in creating them, I’ve certainly enjoyed it, and I am sure they will be enthusiastically received. I will certainly recommend your service if I know of anyone else who wants to create a similar present.
Thanks again,  Dan (April 2019)

Feedback on crossword for my Fiancé (Dec 2018)

This is fantastic! You’ve put so much thought and care into this, and it shines through. James is going to love it.
Jill (Dec 2018)

 Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Dad’s Birthday present (Oct 2018)

We all loved looking through the crossword thanks!

Feedback wise I was very impressed with the product idea. And the final item was perfect for us as could be delivered via email quickly and we could do with it what we wanted. You obviously have a lot of skill in putting together crosswords and took the time to get all the right information so you could create something with just the right level of personal info, difficulty and style – plus humour!

Thank you for working so hard on it and doing it in such short time scale. It showed how much you care about each one.

I will happily recommend you to anyone interested – I think it is a lovely unique present. If you don’t have one already then a Facebook page could be a great way to advertise, especially in the run up to Christmas!

Thanks once again, Bryony (Oct 2018)

Feedback on my crossword for a Husband’s 50th Birthday present (Jul 2018)

Thanks for the PDF. I’ve had great fun with it!! It’s absolutely brilliant and I love it. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Alexandra (Jul 2018)

Feedback on my crossword for Friends’ 50th Anniversary present (Jun 2018)

Dear Tim,

Its brilliant…!

Thank you so much , I am so thrilled at such a brilliant gift for them – thank you   (And glad you sent the answers!)

Yvonne (Jun 2018)

Feedback on my crossword for a Friend’s 60th Birthday present (Jun 2018)

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for these, they all look excellent.
It has been absolute pleasure working on this with you too. I have already mentioned what we’re doing to several colleagues and I will continue to spread the word.
And I will definitely share feedback from Robert once he’s tackled it.
With warmest wishes


Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Father’s birthday present (Jun 2018)

Many thanks Tim that’s great. Thank you for being so helpful and for making this puzzle so clever and also so touching. It’s marvellous. I will give you some feedback from the old man and will of course pass on your details to anyone who I think would be interested in a similar gift. Very happy to try the online thing as well.
Many thanks

Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Husband’s Christmas present (Nov 2017)

Thank You it is perfect: I am sure he will spend Xmas day completing this.  Thank You so much.


Kate (Nov 2017)

Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Daughter’s Graduation present (Nov 2017)

Beth and her Dad tried it out and think it is the perfect level of difficulty.

I have been busy telling everyone who will listen that this is a great present …

Jo (Nov 2017)

 Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Silver Wedding (Aug 2017)

Dear Tim,

What a super piece of work! I am thrilled at what you have managed to reference and include.

I certainly can’t fault it and have reread it a number a number of times, just out of sheer pleasure. The solutions are quite as interesting as the clues, so it’s lovely to have those and I do recognise the effort on all fronts that have gone into this.


Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Dad’s Christmas present (Dec 2016)

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for the puzzle, it looks absolutely brilliant. The finished article is great and the whole process was very quick and easy as a customer.

As I said previously, I think it’s a really unique idea – good luck with your business!



Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a couple’s 35th wedding anniversary (May 2017)

Hi Tim,
You have obviously excelled yourself!  We are very pleased with the result and I’m sure they will be too.

Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a brother’s 60th birthday (May 2017)

Thanks Tim and that looks fantastic! Great fun and I’m sure Matthew will love it.

Feedback on my cryptic crossword for Mum’s birthday (July 2017)

Amazing Tim, what an enormous amount of work.  Marianne

Feedback on my cryptic crossword for a Husband’s Birthday (July 2017)

Dear Tim,

They are saved safely and I’ll try not to give them to him early.  I’m sure
he’ll be delighted with his totally unique present and I will tell everyone
where I got them.

I might be tempted to do one for Christmas if I’m stuck for a present!

All the best and thank you very much.